Campaign manager

Multi-Channel Marketing

Running co-ordinated campaigns across multiple channels can be problematic and uncoordinated. Campaign Manager intelligently allows marketeers to create distributed campaigns across segmented contact bases to ensure the right message is delivered by the right channel at the right time....

Email, SMS, IVR, Mobile and Social...

Identifying which channel is most approriate for each customer is key to the success of a campaign. Some contacts may respond better to email than they do to SMS, others may prefer to call an IVR to interact with a company. Measuring and understanding this behaviour can be time-consuming and resource intensive. By providing in-depth analytical reports into user behaviour Campaign Manager makes this task easy and can even automate much of this for you by profiling contact data and previous historical data.

So if you're using a multitude of systems to try and run a coordinated multi-channel campaign why not look at centralising all of these activites through a consolidated proven marketing system?

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